Happy Our Engagement

Ngoc Tram & Duong Anh
My dream has come true for having you in my life.  After so many years having our love inside me, today I am totally over the moon for giving you the ring of my life.  You are so invaluable that nothing can compare to you.  I love you since the first sight and uncontrollably love you with all my heart.  I cannot explain why and how my heart is always beating for you, but yes I love you once and forever!

Over 10 years no contacts, my heart once again beats so strongly and fast when we found each other in 2009.  I could not hold anymore the feeling for myself.  After 2 years, the beats of my heart don’t change.  The beat of love in me for you is still the same day after day.  We turn the page and make a new horizon for our love by together setting up our own family.  I wish you happiness and joy of everlasting love from me, the one you call by all different names (Lớp trưởng, Chong M, BB, lipidous boy, Anh, your private IT man).

I love you!  Simply so!

Dzo4nh’s Chong M

Special thanks to:
– Bà Nội for supporting and being the host of our ceremony
– Mẹ Hương for accepting me as your son-in-law and organizing the ceremony for us
– Ba Nghiêm & Má Hải for supporting us.
– Chị Bé for supporting and joining us in the ceremony
– Chú Sơn & Thiếm Bảy for welcoming me in the family
– And all participants

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