Valentine 2012 – I love you my gorgeous wife

Happy Valentine’s Day

My most precious and gorgeous wife


When I was choosing this song and making this clip, my mind was filled up with the happiness for your presence in my life.  If I were given another chance to get married again, I would still proudly and happily choose you to be my wife.  Nobody could ever replace you in my heart.

Once again on this day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your being in my life.  I want to use the lyric in this song, Look At You Girl performed by Chris LeDoux, to express how happy my heart is.

Just look at you, girl

Standin’ here beside me

Starlight on your hair

Lookin’ like a dream I dreamed somewhere

And look at me, girl

You got me actin’ just like a lover

In an old time picture show

And how I got the part — I just don’t know

But it’s written all across your face

Plain as it can be

You’re the one that I was lookin’ for

Now you’re all that I can see

Yes, “now you are all that I can see”.  I want together with you to build our own family, to live, and to enjoy.  Every second when I stop to think, I know from the bottom of my heart you are the one I was looking for.  I loved you in the past; I am loving you in the present; and I will forever love you in the future.

You mean everything to me

And I’d do anything to have you stay forever

I’m an ordinary man

But I feel like I could do anything in the world

When I look at you, girl

When I love you and I am loved by you, I do not hesitate to do anything.  I believe that I can do everything for you and for everything I want to have with you.  You are always the great courage for me to happily live on.  Making you happy is such the most wonderful joy!

Just look at you, girl

Walkin’ here beside me

Misty morning light

I see my own reflection in your eyes

And just smile at me, girl

With eyes that tell a story

That words can never say tellin’ me your love is gonna stay

And we’re standin’ right together now

In everything we do

And if my world should come apart

I’ll still be lovin’ you

We are together walking on our life road.  I am happy to have you as a company.  When I see you are happy, I feel very warm in my heart.  I love you from the very bottom of my heart.  No matter what happens, my heart will be for just and only you.

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