One of My Very Important Days

I am extremely happy to announce to all of you that I am legally NOT AVAILABLE for any kind of love relationship. After 13 years, the desire and dreams are just not themselves. My heart is blooming in happiness to be with HER – Ngoc Tram, whom I thought I would never meet again in my life. I am right here with her and continue our life story together.

Even though the future ahead is not as smooth as we wish, we will together overcome the rough time and continuously wish one another happiness and joy. I swore to God that I would look after Ngoc Tram in happiness and also in sadness, in good health and also in sickness. Once again, in front of God and witnesses, I admitted she was always the other half of me since the very beginning and until forever.

Messages to Duong Ngoc Tram:
Thanks so much for your presence in my life and the love I always have in my heart! Please be healthy and with me we build our family!

With Love – Chong M Pham Duong Anh (June 8th)

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