Looking for my other half

It was a long journey for us to find each other…

We studied together in Year 7 middle school. Because we were kids, there was no love affair between us but we did have a strong feeling for each other. During three years in the same school, I was happy whenever I saw her. We did not talk very much at that time as I knew from bottom of my heart that this love will be irresistible and irreversible. Just keeping the feelings for ourselves we moved on in our life. We graduated middle school and that was when we lost contact and we thought it was forever.I lived with the memories of her throughout my teenage and adulthood. She always came back in my dreams and in vision whenever I was desperate for someone who can share with me. It was very hard for me to find someone I can truly share my life with and until now only her with whom I could be willing to share everything.In 2009, she surprisingly found my email address via this website. And I was very surprised, happy, and nervous to read her emails. We started sending emails and called each other. I could not withhold my feelings anymore. I decided to be brave and told her every feeling that I had for her.
It was an extremely difficult decision for both of us to agree with one another that we would live and together move forward in our life, share with each other sorrows and happiness. We met each other in person and our love just poured out.

Good time and bad time… we overcame the difficulties of space and time and be together once and forever!

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