Is it worth upgrading to iPad 4th Generation?

For these recent years, Apple keeps disappointing its loyal customers.  Not many improvements or redesigns are applied to its products.  iPad 4th Generation is out for purchasing, but what’s new about this iPad?

iFixit opened up the case and let us see more in iPad 4’s hardware…

The New iPad vs iPad 4

Can you tell which one is which?

The New iPad vs iPad 4 (Back)

Alright, smaller dock connector… but???

Dock connector of the new iPad and iPad 4

Can you see any difference or the new dock connection is just put in place of the 30-pin connector?

iPad 4's Retina Display

Oh wow… the screen is now made by LG. Samsung doesn’t like Apple any longer.

Display Connector

Is there any difference? Really? We can use this photo for spot the difference available to download in Apple Store.

iPad 4's Batteries

Wow… new batteries, but no improvements in length of use. Only you have to use 12W power adapter to charge it because of the new LG’s retina display.

iPad 4's motherboard

A6X… twice as fast as A5X. Interesting! But why still 1GB RAM?!?! Click on the photo to review The New iPad’s motherboard.

iPad 4's motherboard (Back)

Click on the photo to see The New iPad’s motherboard (back)

Camera of The New iPad and iPad 4

iPad 4 with 1.2mpx, The New iPad with 0.3mpx.
“Come on, Apple. Why do you have to wait after 7 months to upgrade this piece of thing?!?!” I am getting annoyed.

iPad 4's Layout

iPad 4’s Layout


In general, do you think it is worth upgrading your The New iPad to iPad 4?  It doesn’t seem Apple really make many improvements on iPad 4 this time AGAIN.  They just put a little more new things and put it on the shelf for sale so that I can make money from us.

What are you thinking?  iPad Mini?!?  Really?!?! We go from the big screen to a smaller with mono speaker.  Is it like we are going backward?  Arghhhh, I don’t really know… why I love Apple while they keep disappointing me.

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