Add or Remove Users from a Mobile Mailbox Policy

In Exchange Admin Center, you can do the following to add someone into a mobile mailbox policy.

  1. In the EAC, click Recipients > Mailboxes and then select a mailbox.
  2. In the Details pane, scroll to Phone and Voice Features and select View details to display the Mobile Device Details screen.
  3. The mobile device mailbox policy that’s currently assigned is displayed. To change the mobile device mailbox policy, click Browse.
  4. Choose the appropriate mobile device mailbox policy from the list, click OK and then click Save.

Or you can run a powershell command in exchange environment.

Set-CASMailbox -Identity -ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy "Sales"

To see if a mobile mailbox policy applies to your mailbox, you can run the following command

Get-CASMailbox -Identity


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