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MSI Installer Error: “Installation Directory must be on a local hard drive”

I have recently encountered a Windows error message “Installation Directory must be on a local hard drive”.  The installation package seems to not having permissions to access the hard drive to proceed the tasks such as creating new folder, copying files to such folder, and configuring Windows registry.

This problem is known as MSI Installer problem.  For some reasons, when you have this error message, the only way to do is to use your Administrative privileges.

How to do it without “Run as administrator” option?!?!?!

There’s a way, there’s a will…

First of all, try to clean your Temp folder where all the temporary files for any installation are stored.  To go to that directory, the quickest way is to use RUN program.

Have you heard of RUN program?  You can either press Windows + R for all Windows versions prior Windows 8.

For Windows 8, you press Windows button and then type RUN.  Windows 8 search engine will find it for you.

Now, type in RUN program %Temp%.  (It is not case sensitive, so you can type in capital or lower case your choice)

Windows Explorer will bring you to Temp folder, you can select all and hit DELETE.

Done with that, let’s move to the main part.

Follow these few steps to install your program under “Administrative privileges mode”

  1. Locate your installation file and remeber the path to it.
    Let’s say I copy my installation file to C drive and its name is “LAN Access Control.msi“.  So, the path to it is “C:\LAN Access Control.msi”
  2. Press Windows key to bring up the menu, and then type cmd
  3. A tiny black DOS icon will show up in your search box.  Now, right click on that and choose Run as administrator
  4. Now you are using Command Prompt in Administrator mode.  All you have to do is to run MSIexec command MSIexec /i [path to the installation program]

    For example, my path to my LAN Access Control.msi is such above.  So I type as following
    MSIexec /i “C:\LAN Access Control.msi”

  5. Press Enter and you can start installing your program